Strategic Themes

Strategic Partnerships

We develop and nurture strong and deep local, regional, and international collaborative partnerships with organizations in the community, business, banking and finance, government, academia and faith-based (Private and public sectors).

Knowledge and Excellence

We build the capacity of academic institutions and intellectuals to conduct multi-country research data into quality information and knowledge that is shared to improve policies and develop products that lead to macroeconomic development and better performance of public and private sector institutions.

Growth and Expansion.

The Private sector in Uganda and sub-Saharan region face several constraints to their growth and expansion. Several businesses lack a supportive environment, limited information from credible research, market information, appropriate technology and skilled workforce to succeed. TMF's programs, therefore, contribute to bridging this gap.

Good Governance

As a foundation, we believe that applying principles of good governance, transparency and accountability in our programs and leadership enables us to effectively implement our programs to create change.